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Packaging, in the strictest sense of the word, is used to enclose and protect products.

Packaging may be looked at as being of different types. A transport or distribution package is used to ship, store and handle the inner product package while a consumer package is directed towards consumers.

Primary packaging is the material in direct contact with the product contents whereas secondary and tertiary packaging are used to protect, group, handle, store and ship the primary packages.

Regardless of the definition of packaging, Pack Center can handle the assembly and loading of your displays as well as your primary packaging, labelling and shrink-wrapping needs.

Display assembly and loading

Among our packaging services, Pack Center offers the assembly, dressing and loading of your displays, which are prepared, packaged and wrapped in our warehouse.

The assembly, dressing and loading of displays is an important step that should not be neglected between the reception of your goods and its packaging according to your predefined criteria in order to optimize targeted distribution to your customers.

This option is available as an a la carte service or as part of your all-inclusive package.

Primary packaging

We can help you ensure that each product is enclosed in primary packaging for greater durability and protection.

Primary packaging is used to protect the product contents and preserve its quality, to make it easier to display and identify the product in points of sale, to attract consumers and influence their choice over numerous rival products, and to facilitate the use of the product after the purchase.

Our experience in this field enables us to offer you global solutions thanks to this additional packaging service.

This option is available as an a la carte service or as part of your all-inclusive package.

Shrink- wrapping

Shrink-wrapping machines ensure that your products are correctly wrapped.

This option is available as an a la carte service or as part of your all-inclusive package.


Pack Center can also help you label all of your items using your own specific references during the labelling process.

The purpose of labelling is to ensure that consumers are provided with complete information on the product's contents and composition. Labelling should also provide specific information in order to ensure that products are used safely, and to assist consumers in the decision-making process.

Information on a particular aspect of the product, such as its origin or production method, may also be indicated.

The labelling of all your items therefore ensures that the product is traceable and suitable for the target market. This stage usually follows the packaging stage and makes life easier for you.

This option is available as an a la carte service or as part of your all-inclusive package.



As one of its logistics solutions, Pack Center offers a picking service which consists of preparing an order on a platform using products stored in our warehouses. This operation is performed by our experienced pickers.
During the preparation of these orders, the required items are retrieved from the inventory and grouped in a location to be packed by our pickers. Packing is the second stage in the order picking process.

To prevent delivery errors and stock differences, the order picking process involves various verification methods, e.g. using scanners or weighing items before they are dispatched.

Our pickers work with a picking list that contains the exact location of the item, its number, its description and the quantity to be picked.

Attention is paid to each stage of the order picking process to provide your logistics with the required flexibility and effectiveness. That's another one of the advantages of our business centre.

Photo gallery

This photo gallery shows pictures of our activities and the numerous solutions that Pack Center can provide for your business.

In order to get a better idea of all the advantages Pack Center's business centre can offer you, why not turn this virtual visit into a real one by coming to visit us?


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