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Logistics is the management of the flow of corporate resources between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet specific requirements. It takes into account anticipated economic conditions, the quality of service expected and the optimal safety and security levels.

The goals of logistics are as follows:

  • Short-term: to optimize the upstream to downstream flow of resources. This involves:
    • the use of short-term sales forecasts and order books
    • the definition of replenishment and production programs
    • the scheduling of deliveries
    • the regulation of after-sales service and the distribution of spare parts
    • the implementation of a maintenance plan to ensure continuity
  • Middle-term: in line with action plans and budgets, logistics aims to:
    • define actions to control the logistics cost of services developed by the company
    • provide the information required by the management in order to decide which activities should be performed in-house and which should be outsourced
    • contribute significantly to the optimisation of corporate investment costs or working capital requirements
  • Long-term: in the long term, the goals of logistics are to:
    • help the company anticipate the complexity, uncertainty and delays resulting from multiple product/market pairs
    • leverage the understanding of the impact that logistics can have on operating costs for customers and the company

Distribution centre

If you want to organise the supply or replenishment of your products, Pack Center is the partner you need. As a distribution centre and warehouse, we can effectively satisfy the constantly increasing demand for lean processes in real-time.

Our distribution centre, which plays the role of a functional tool in your decentralised logistics chain, is a hub that receives and dispatches your goods and parcels efficiently, thanks to close and easy access to major motorway connections, international rail routes and navigable transportation canals.

Come visit our distribution centre and learn more about the solutions we offer.


Storage & warehousing

Because companies often lack space for storage and are unable to extend their storage area, Pack Center has come up with the ultimate solution for you. With a storage area of 15,000 m² and 8 loading bays for rapid loading and unloading, we can ensure the safe and secure storage and warehousing of your goods.

Pack Center can help you deal with your logistics issues by facilitating its day-to-day management.

Come visit our storage and warehousing facilities and learn more about the solutions we offer.

Inventory management system

To optimize the management of your stock, a computerised inventory management system can be implemented for you upon request.

The inventory management system enables you to access inventory data easily and respond directly to customers who want their goods dispatched as quickly as possible.


Photo gallery

This photo gallery shows pictures of our activities and the numerous solutions that Pack Center can provide for your business.

In order to get a better idea of all the advantages Pack Center's business centre can offer you, why not turn this virtual visit into a real one by coming to visit us?

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